Confinement Recovery Kit
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Size Shaper Girdle / Size Belly Hip Wrap

Your Perfect Two-in-One Kit ( 2 Piece Must Have Shapewear For Mothers)
The perfect kit for you when you have just delivered and still in your first few months of postpartum recovery/confinement. Our kit consists of  Belly & Hip Wrap & Shaper Girdle which will provide a firm hold on your wound and provide strong targeted compression to shrink uterus & bounce back to pre-pregnancy size faster !

Why Postpartum Mummies Should Get Our Two-In-One Kit Shapewear?
Our shapewear provides strong-targeted compression, which will help:

  • Eliminates lax skin, baby pooch following a delivery
  • Strengthen core muscles weakened during pregnancy by bringing your abdominal musclesback together (especially helpful if you have diastasis recti)
  • Promote lymphatic drainage (overcome water retention)
  • Shrink Uterus & bounce back to pre-pregnancy size faster
  • Improves and supports your posture and relieves back pain.

Our Postpartum Belly & Hip Wrap is especially useful for you should you be doing postnatal massage as you can pop this on after your massage for something more breathable, comfortable and seamless under your clothes.

Our Shaper Girldle provides you the ultimate compression for your everyday needs! Just like a high-waisted compression ‘panties’, it will be your best secret in tucking in & firming up your unsightly flabby tummy after childbirth.

For mummies who are looking to bounce back to shape faster especially those who are facing bigger tummy bulge or flabby tummy, we recommend that you wear our Shaper Girdle and layer our Belly & Hip Wrap on top of it especially during your first 3 months after giving birth.

Belly & Hip Wrap
* Custom woven fabric with top and bottom elastic band, prevent it from rolling up or down
* 2 layers of compression material, ensure high levels of compression
* Extends above the waist and below the hips
* Top of shaper band is shorter than the bottom, able to fit smaller waistline and hips of most women
* 6 panels of hook and eye closure for adjustment and tightening of wrap as you slim down.

Shaper Girdle
* Custom woven fabric elastic band at the top to prevent it from rolling up or down
* 3 panels of hook and eyes closures at the side of the garment for adjustable purpose after you reduce in size
* 3 layers of hook and eye closure at crotch area to adjust for different torso length & for easy bathroom access

Fabric content: 51% Tactel Nylon, 45-49% Lycrosoft (Wink® patented COMPRESSASOFT® fabric) |
100% Latex and Formaldehyde Free