Wink for Postnatal

Pregnancy is a beautiful and wonderful stage of life. In fact, the very act of creating a child is nothing short of a true miracle. And all throughout your pregnancy journey, you’ll see your body change in ways that you never imagined, but once you finally get to hold that little bundle of joy in your arms, you’ll see that it was all worth it.


After childbirth, we all know that our body has undergone some major changes– and that’s only natural! However, your body may have changed in more ways than we ever imagine – and that’s also to be expected. After giving birth, the skin around the waist often falls like a deflated balloon. The uterus and hips had expanded to hold the baby, but now it has lost its purpose. We want you to be rest assured knowing that these changes are never permanent, and we can help you get your body back into its pre-pregnancy shape that you’ve always had through our Wink medical grade compression shapewear.


Wink medical-grade shapewear delivers targeted compression. Compressing the waist and hips and help to bring them back in their natural shape and size.


Wink medical grade compression shapewear is NOT the same from the normal everyday shapewear, corsets,belly binders, waist trainers that you can find online or in your local department store. Instead, our range of shapewears are designed by medical professionals and doctors to provide speedy recovery to postnatal moms.


What’s our recommended Wink Shapewear for postnatal Mum?


Wink Belly and Hip Shaper Wrap

Due to hormone Relaxin, which relaxes the ligaments in the pelvis, most women experience wider hips after pregnancy. Here is the good news! Relaxin stays in the body up to 5 months postpartum, which means that it is the only “Golden Window” for shrinking your hips back to pre-pregnancy size or even smaller!

Specially designed Wink Belly and Hip Shaper wrap provides targeted dual compression to BOTH belly and hips. It is recommended that you wear it everyday (even to sleep) for about 6 to 8 weeks postpartum to get maximum results.

For prior preparations, you can purchase your Wink Belly and Hip Shaper Wrap before your delivery (See sizing guide).

Tips: Wink’s Postpartum Belly and Hip Wrap can also be layered on top of any Wink shapewear to deliver the ultimate compression.


Wink Shaper Girdle

For mummies who are looking to bounce back to shape faster especially those who are facing bigger tummy bulge or flabby tummy, we recommend that you wear our Shaper Girdle and layer our Wink Waist & Hip Wrap on top of it especially during your first 3 months after giving birth. It is recommended that you wear our shapewear 24 hours diligently in order for you to see your uterus shrinking faster and your tummy firm up more effectively.

After the 3
rd month onwards, you can then wear our Wink Shaper Girdle on its own without any layering to further firm up your tummy and hips.

Browse through our postnatal collection to find the right medical compression shapewear for your needs.